Pankaj Kumar

BTech. (COER) ET- (2002-2006)
Founder & CEO- MSS Payments
MSS Payments develops and deploys digital payment platform for financial institutions, Remittance Companies & NBFCs. MSS Payments are specialized in Digital wallets, UPI, AEPS, NFC Cards, Prepaid Cards, BBPS, Marketplace, Compliance Engine, remittance platform, prepaid gift cards, Global merchant aggregator, Admin & Merchant payment module, Data analytics, Customer Care management. they are currently providing digital payment platform in India, Kenya, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Colombia & Canada.


BTech.( COER) ME-(2009-2013)
Co- Founder: The Searching Souls
At The Searching Souls, we intend to encourage people, to take out time from their busy lives and join us on a journey of self-exploration in the Himalayas.
Certified by StartUpIndia, MSME and Uttarakhand Tourism, we are a 5 Star Rated Company with a 95% Customer Satisfaction Score, deal in Trekking in the Himalayas, Customized group tours

Raman Shaily

BTech.( COER) IT-(2009-2013)
Co-Founder TUDS-The Unknown Designers
The Unknown Designer What we wear reflect who we are. The clothing is moved from just necessity to instrument to express one self. As in case of any instrument the first thing that comes into mind of inventor is what will be design of instrument and how it should work. Similarly, in the mind of user the question is out of all the available instrument which will do justification to his work of area. While selecting something to wear we unconsciously take this decision daily. The colors, the patterns, the graphics etc. says lot of about personality and thought process of person TUDs aims to work on principle of “By the people for the people”‚Äč we are targeting to act as bridge between the like minded inventor/designer and user.

Saurabh Agarwal

BTech.( COER) CSE-(2002-2006)
Consultant/Developer : SDN { Geeks }
SDN{Geeks} provides life-cycle services to customers for the design, development, testing, and sustenance of OpenFlow and SDN solutions. it also offers hands-on training to plan, deploy, and manage your companies Software-Defined Network strategy.

Tanushree Raj

BTech.( COER) EN-(2003-2007)
Founder at
We are a Dog company that serves Fresh Food. We believe in happy dogs, and they just don’t happen by chance. They need to thrive on healthy, nutritious food so that they are at their best energy levels and free from food-induced diseases. And loads of love AND respect. For who they are, for what they can make us become.
We deliver nutritionally balanced, fresh, mildly cooked dog food so that your dog grows up to be healthy, strong, happy from the inside. Tanushree was anointed by Django for the execution of this ultimate purpose: Make all dogs healthy again. She is an engineer for some reason, from College of Engineering Roorkee, and for some other reason studied Executive General Management from IIM Bangalore. She was a core team member at and Founded TroubleMakers Idea Labs and now onto Pawtbelly, her heart and soul.

Saurabh Garg

BTech.( COER) ME-(2006-2010)
Co-Founder:-Crossed Design
Crossed Design is a Design Thinking led Innovation company, working with leading digital companies of India. As business embarks upon its journey of innovation we help you build strategies, design products, services and experiences through Human Centered Design.

Ankur Rastogi

BTech.( COER) CSE-(2007-2011)
Co- Founder: OYEWIKKI,
Oyewiki provides a platform for writers to write in whatever category they want and earn per views. Once writer writes and submits an article using oyewiki platform, articles goes for review. After successful review, reviewer publishes an article and writer starts earning per view afterwords.
Oyewiki also provides a platform for our article readers to share article via affiliate link and earn per view on their shared article